Thursday, May 21, 2009

And THIS is why I love homeschooling...

People often ask me why I homeschool, and there are a number of reasons, but today reminded me of one reason in particular. I love how it allows us as a family to grow in love of each other. One homeschooling mom I know commented to me once, "When I'm old, I'll never look back and wish I had spent more time with my kids." How true, how true.

This picture was taken today before naptime. I had a couple of things to do, so I asked Justin and Veronica to each pick a book for me to read to them before bedtime and meet me upstairs. When I went upstairs to read and tuck them in, I found Jacob already reading to them in his bed... the top bunk. SOOOO after the initial panic at seeing the little ones being in the top bunk, I decided to grab the camera. These moments are a great reminder to me when I'm stressed out wondering how I will be able to stay on top of household duties and school 4 children (eventually) that yes, it is totally worth it.

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