Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Can't Driiiiiiiiive Fifty-Fiiiiiiiive

I have decided the biggest mistake I have made as a mother is explaining to my firstborn what a speed limit sign means. One of my biggest vices is my lead foot. My husband suggested this would be the perfect opportunity to explain the concept of parallax, thus telling Jacob from where he sits, it may look like I'm speeding, but in reality I am not. Well, unfortunately, not even parallax can explain the difference between the speed limit sign and the speed I usually go. This is what I get for asking the Lord to help me grow in obedience and patience.

So today, once again, on the way home from Mass no less, Jacob pipe's up with, "Excuse me, Mom. Just so you know, the speed limit is 45." *Sigh* Yes, Officer.

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